Sunday, July 26, 2009

The start of the Ozzie Trip 2009 - Take Off Day -1

Putting a few notes about the holiday and what's why's of what we are doing.

Tuesday morning will see us bleary eyed but happy to be heading for the Wellington Airport. We are flying direct from Wellington to Brisbane, Australia. After a night in Brisbane we fly again north to Mackay township with the intention fo then hiring a car to travel north again, first townsend and then Cairns. Final destination is the Silky Oaks lodge on the edge of the daintree rainforest inland from Port Douglas...Having spent a few days at the lodge exploring the surrounds we then head back to Cairns and the airport Flying back south to Sydney for a couple of nights stay ..Then from Sydney back to Welllington and home... Not a long holiday and a heap of travelling but we will get to see what its all like and have a better idea of future holiday plans there....



Kay said...

Bon Voyage!

keewee said...

Have a great time.