Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday, November 09, 2009

Picture(s) a day - Rush Hour East Cape New Zealand

Rush Hour on the East Cape .... 9am ish

This was for sale .... If I just thought I could make a living from it .......

Saturday, November 07, 2009

You Can't Beat a nice SeaSide Shot

Not when the sun comes out anyway 


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Picture(s) a day - around Gisborne

Just cause I like it ......

It was very green in the hills and farmland 

A lot of rain all the way to Gisborne 

The forestry industry should me made to clean this up .... Interesting to fossick around in though ....The locals were to the left of the picture collecting firewood by the car loads 

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Picture(s) a day - The long drive to Gisborne

The bridge in the last entry was for a train line between Napier and Gisborne ....

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Picture(s) a day - More Napier - Gisborne

McD told me I should mention that the previous pictures and these below were taken from the car as we travelled around .... hence the quality isn't as good ........

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Picture(s) a day - More buildings

It's been a good weekend. Today especially was a warm sunny day ... We spent the morning driving around ...We visited the Wellington tip where they have a shop of 'recyclables' and bought a wicker basket, a plastic bin and a window frame ...All for the garden ...Either planting more potatoes or yams and the window frame to put over areas where we've sown seeds ...Maybe later in the year I'll convert it to a cold frame for winter vegies ... 

Some notes on the slow loss of the houses on the Napier waterfront ...This is the usual decline due to property developers moving in .... They replace these types of structures with the concrete squares they call modern housing ... 

Napier still has some of it's art deco type buildings ... 

Picture(s) a day - 1st November Already

We ate the first lot of baby beetroot fron the garden this evening ....Boootiful :O) going against the moon gardening we planted more beetroot, carrot, green beans, silverbeet, okra ........ potatoes have finally started to grow well....too late for xmas though i reckon....

 Market Gardens at Napier NZ.. 

Disappearing Housing on Napiers waterfront.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More on the Ozz Holiday - Leaving Queensland

The day after visiting the tablelands was our last day at the Silky Oaks resort and also our last day in Queensland.

The plan was to head towards Cairns and spend the day around there before going to the airport and catching our flight to Sydney.

We had our breakfast as usual at the resort in the open air restaurant and in typical fashion the sun emerged for us    

The Silky Oaks restaurant

The swimming hole where fish and turtle reside

The swimming pool at the lodge

Well fed and bags packed we loaded up the car and set off... Just outside of the lodge along the road through the rainforest we saw a kookaburra on a telegraph post... We stopped (of course) to try and get a last chance shot. We pulled over to the side of the road and McD jumped out camera in hand ....I stayed in the car. . Having taken a few shots McD decided she needed a bigger lens and walked back to the open car door ... AS she went past the back of the car I saw in the rear view mirror a sudden look of horror on her face and then she was gone momentarily as she shot into the air ..... Then down she came landing  shouting "Snake !!!! " ....

McD had managed to literally step over  a large brown snake to get the pictures she wanted ... then returning saw the snake as it moved amongst the grass and bushes..... 

"Well get a picture !" I said 

And She Did !!!  - can you see it beating a hasty retreat .... Nothing takes McD on :O)  

Curtesy of McDinzie

Of course we joked and laughed about it ...But it was a real reminder that we are closer to nature than we often think ....... A reminder that this could have been a serious event ....I was glad we were not too far from assistance ....Also glad that the snake looks to be a python (We don't know for  sure)..And probably sunning itself first thing in the morning ...... Who knows .... Pythons in Ozz can get up to around 6 metres by the way ...... 

And on we went ... Next stop was to drive towards cairns and turn off into the Great Divide to a small township called kuranda...Here was a crafts market and a Butterfly sanctuary. We spent quite a while at the butterfly place ...Eventually giving up on getting the 'perfect shot' and heading off to grab a pie and a drink at the market...It was getting hot .......

McDs new hat accessory 

We tired easily ...The heat of the day hit us hard (mid 30s) and so we drove back down into Cairns itself to have a look around .... 

Looking down on the plains around Cairns

Well not really a lot to look at .. .We asked at the tourist information but they had no real suggestions for a few hours sightseeing... We hit the mall for some supplies and coffee... Then we drove along the beach esplanade...Well the beach was a river estuary !! Hundreds of sun seekers lay side to side on a grass strip between the road and the sands .... I was quite surprised by this as advertising always seemed to show the white sand beaches and palms ... Nope ..... We continued our drive around ... The espanade was ok ... not special .. .the rest of the town was just that - a sprawling town....  

So having drove through their botanical gardens stopping for a drink, we gave up and headed for the airport .... Next stop Sydney - our last in Ozz