Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still Kickin

With Summer here I've gotten busy with everything..Gardens flourishing - especially the weeds - And we are harvesting and scrumping and foraging and McD is making sauces and chutneys and jams...

And work is - well - work - 

Our south island city of Christchurch suffered a catastrophic earthquake yesterday...So many lives lost and people missing still....The nation is in shock....and those of us watching from the warm comfort of our homes, with our families safe, are humbled by the Bravery, resilience and selfless acts Of the People down there...The city will never be the same. The Cathedral - at the city's heart is lost - the spire that I've climbed before - gone.... But the People will re-build.

Meanwhile - life goes on....   

A favorite with her indoors #garden #flowers #dahlia