Friday, June 29, 2007

8 facts about this Dinzie

I've been tagged by Chiefbiscuit, There seems to be this mistaken belief that I have an interesting enough life to have 8 interesting facts about me ...... any way ....

The rules
1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each participant posts eight random facts about themselves.
3. Tagees should write a blogpost of eight random facts about themselves.
4. At the end of the post, eight more bloggers are tagged (named and shamed).
5. Go to their blog, leave a comment telling them they're tagged (cut and run).

1. The love of my life and best friend is 4ft 11 and half inches tall. I am 6 feet tall (Was a little over but I'm shinking aparrently) She always seems so much taller and imposing ...I wonder why .....

2. I am compiling my family tree... 190 + relatives dead or alive all recorded in their place on the tree and printed across the wall of my spare room .... Furthest back I've gone is into the 1700s ..My ancestors lived in England - Norfolk, Portsmouth, Brighton, Cheshire, Wales, & scotland - Fettercairn (great whisky) ... All working class hero's..Most good people struggling to make ends meet through life ...1 bastard by choice ......

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Funny thing there is I didn't go near him for decades when Mum was alive (her father)........And still couldn't for years after Mum died .... But now see it in a much more clinical way and have started to trace him and his line .... If mum could have done it she would have taken a knife and cut that part ofher that was him out of her. Even after decades away from him and decades away from his death she was haunted by the fact that part of him was part of her ..... And part of him is part of me and while we all have the Jekell and hyde within us, My jekell has a name ...James Woolston crichton.

Number 2 too heavy ?? But wouldn't it make a good start to a book !! :O) ...

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3. I was a marksman shot with Rifle and shotgun and catapult in my teens. Pidgeon, Pheasant, Duck, Snipe were all fair game (as long as I didn't get caught) ..Two things happened that stopped me ever shooting again both happened closely together when about 18. The first was when I was walking in the countryside with my neice of about 10 . I didn't have a rife with me but we met up with a friend of mine who did. I jokingly pointed at a starling perched at the top of a tree too far out of range for a sensible shot and you can't eat starlings so why bother ..... But he turned it back on me handing over the rifle and betting that even I couldn't do that shot .... I wasn't even trying to make it really ..just raised the rifle and as the sights went past the bird I pulled the trigger ....The bird fell immediately much to the horror of my neice ...Worse still when we went to find it it was still alive, though barely. I put an end to it immediately but it had upset my neice (a nature lover through out her life) ..........A few weeks later I was walking with my father and carrying a shotgun. as we walked past my fathers much loved hazel nut trees that grew wild at the edge of a wood. We surprised a squirrel hanging by its feet and with two hands was eating the still green nuts from the shell..... "Shoot him!!" father ordered ..I raised the shotgun but couldn't shoot it ... Dad was to soften greatly over the years and he too was a nature lover, but the protection of his food supply be it strawberries or apples or his beloved hazel nuts was not to be taken lightly .... I did expect him to take the gun himself, but with nothing more than a grunt he just started walking again and nothing more was said ... I'll never know if he was disappointed in me or not at that point ... Year later he would be the one complaining vehemently about the squirrels in his own garden .. That he fed from scraps from his own table and collected horse chestnuts for and in return they dug up his lawn and ate his flower bulbs, but would also come into the garden when he called them and knew his threats were empty ........

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4. I could fly a Glider Solo before I could drive a car ..... I loved doing it but other things took over in life and now I've not flown a glider in almost a lifetime .....

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5. I have a black belt in Karate and an instructors certificate in Kung Fu ... I'm graded in a dozen martial arts at varying levels.. In my youth I trained with fought world, European and British champions. While always a possible I never managed to take it further ...A job,wife and child became a necessary priority....

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6. The love of my life and best friend claims she is a lesbian in her 8 facts !!!! This strangely doesn't bother me - In a Danny Crane sort of way ................... ;O)

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7. The Hobby in my life is Photography... I don't get to do enough of it to be good...But would love to take time out from work and everything and do my own travel log of places locally and afar .... not just the pictures but the writeups as well ... I think It would be fun to do :O)

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8. Work is sending me to Sydney Australia again ... This time to meet with other companies doing similar work in IT that we are trying to do ... The they want me to attend a seminar straight afterwards ... McD and I want to take two weeks holiday straight after that and go to Cairns, or Perth, or Vanuatu, or Bali....just anywhere where we can take pictures and write a travel log and have fun ....................................
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