Sunday, March 29, 2009

And on it goes

I'm in pain again ..... Sciatica this time ... It's driving me to distraction .... Just back from the Docs .....

"It's sciatica" 

"Thanks I guesssed that" 

"Bit painful is it"  ?

while sat in upright doctors office chair but trying to lie horizontally .. "You could say that yes ....I'd probably add a few more expetives if not here " .....

"Is your back passage numb at all " 


"Why - what are you thinking !!!!!!"

"And  no it's not mate......"

"having problems pissing??" 

"Nope - all good there"  I mutter between clenched teeth"

"better take your blood pressure while you are here ... Haven't seen you for a while!"  

cause I'm sat here in pain and you are taking my blood pressure when it hurts so much I can't breath properly .......

See thats what I should have said .... 

Any way... More x-rays...Physiotheripist(sp), paracetamol, Diclofenac sodium( voltarin) and codene if I need too .. 

but codene is a pooper blocker "and you don't want that while you have back and hip problems do you" 


Ahem ..... 

Right - time to get horizontal again ......I almost remember the days that was a fun thing to say !!!!!! 

Now this is a job I could go for !!!! 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Sad Sad Loss

After coming so close to death last october, Cola was gifted a very happy additional 6 months with us, through the New Zealand summer. It will be some time before the cicada population recovers from her beagle appitite and taste for fresh live cicada meals..

But our poor Cola the Beagle, finally succcumbed to the liver problems she suffered from and took ill last weekend... On Wednesday Evening after a night & day at the vets in the hope she would come right again, we had to make the hardest of decisions - that enough was enough and she was put to sleep .....

It was the worst of decisions to make. Us always clinging to the slightest hope that she could get through it again and carry on... Then the finality of the decision we had no choice but to make..

When we got to the vets at the end of their surgery day they were running 1/2 hour late .... So we sat beside her cage listening to her loud snore...Only at the end of the wait did she awake and very labouredly get up to say hello to us both .... We knew at that point enough was enough. She could barely lift her head and looked and acted like a very sick girl indeed.

Then the time came and we took her to the table where a blanket had been laid down for her. McD said her final goodby and hug and left the room. McD was too upset to stay. I'd promised to stay with Cola to the end....

When all was prepared Cola was sitting but looking very tired and uncomfortable .. A drip line already in her leg the vet didn't have to find a vein, just simply inject the first chemical into the line. Barely a quarter of the amount went in before Cola went heavy in my hands and I lowered her down. She was already asleep, barely a breath. The vet remarked how good it was that she hadn't suffered any anxiety at all from the 1st injection.

Again the 2nd injection had barely begun and I realised that she was already gone.... Her release peaceful and painless

We'd talked quietly as the procedure was carried out ... about where she was born and how after 15 years it was the end of an era... Especially for poor McD ... and then with my thoughts again on McD the emotions started to take over and I walked out with a final glance over my shoulder and cola in her sleeping position on the table ....

The snoring had finally stopped .......