Sunday, March 29, 2009

And on it goes

I'm in pain again ..... Sciatica this time ... It's driving me to distraction .... Just back from the Docs .....

"It's sciatica" 

"Thanks I guesssed that" 

"Bit painful is it"  ?

while sat in upright doctors office chair but trying to lie horizontally .. "You could say that yes ....I'd probably add a few more expetives if not here " .....

"Is your back passage numb at all " 


"Why - what are you thinking !!!!!!"

"And  no it's not mate......"

"having problems pissing??" 

"Nope - all good there"  I mutter between clenched teeth"

"better take your blood pressure while you are here ... Haven't seen you for a while!"  

cause I'm sat here in pain and you are taking my blood pressure when it hurts so much I can't breath properly .......

See thats what I should have said .... 

Any way... More x-rays...Physiotheripist(sp), paracetamol, Diclofenac sodium( voltarin) and codene if I need too .. 

but codene is a pooper blocker "and you don't want that while you have back and hip problems do you" 


Ahem ..... 

Right - time to get horizontal again ......I almost remember the days that was a fun thing to say !!!!!! 

Now this is a job I could go for !!!! 


Ann said...

try accunpuncture or Chinese massage.

They won't cure you but they will make you relax.

Kay said...

Ooooh sounds painful. Hope you feel a little better by now?

keewee said...

Hi Dinzie, hope you are in a little less pain. BTW I am planning a trip to NZ in November. Will be staying in Lower Hutt Perhaps You and MCD and I could meet up sometime. Just a thought. email me at
keewee at whidbey dot com