Thursday, July 02, 2009

Groundhog day 3 week 1 ...And Bird Song

The agency rang me this morning - Good news the hiring manager wants to see my CV ... The bad news He's off on holiday to rarotonga Saturday ...The good news he still wants to see my CV before he goes ..... Still a big role .... Might start reading up on some of the things they want ..... 

House work today ....BLEUEEUCHKKK !!!!   Still - have done the dishes that had mounted up ( 2 of us here but an armies worth of dishes, pots and cutlery !!! )  Have a box full of compostable materials to go out ....And two rubish bags of - well rubbish - as I do a declutter in Kitchen and living rooms ....... 

I could have won on the crosswords gameshow on TV today  !!  Getting in the Zone with that one now .... 

It's very quiet around the house in the day time ... But man the birds have a field day .... Especially noticeable are the native birds singing away ...... 

These are the type of bird song that I hear through the day where I live

1st the chatter of the Fantail



There is also one or more Bell birds in the area ..... His song isn't quite the same as this - regional differences I think ...

We also have the favourite - The Tui 


And the soulful grey warbler who sit in the trees beside the toilet window .... Such a nice sound

And at night time through spring and summer we here the native 'Morepork" owl in the distance..


Ruru -  

Last summer we even had a native cuckoo visit the garden .. .He landed in a tree so close to me..If only I had had my camera in hand 


Dawn Chorus

Some parts of the New Zeland forest still sound as it should with the dawn chorus 

Dawn Chorus Mt Bruce 

I wish I could record the birds that visit the garden .... Another hobby to start perhaps ......


McDinzie said...

I look forward to you getting into the grove of cleaning and cooking....

The job looks very interesting and challenging....too much to hope it could all fall into place for you

UKBob said...

I hope everything goes well with the job applicaton. Bob

Ann said...

Poor Pepsi, and poor you and MCD.

When is the op scheduled?

I am now in Malaysia after Brunei and Singapore. That is why I didn't have much access to the internet. I didn't want to download my photos in the hotels.

I will try to photograph a dragon fruit for you. They are red or white. Tastes a little like pineapple. I am not a big fan, but they say it is packed with goodies.

How's your back?

My biggest adventure is yet to come, Sam & I will have our mum and son adventure to the Mulu caves in Sarawak.



p/s keep warm. I am roasting here