Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Good Stuff, Bad Stuff, Emotional Stuff

Gotta get rid of that lawn !!! The drummer goes under the alias of gardenwiseguy. He writes in magazines and blogs over in the US..Hails from San Deigo ...A very talented Landscape Architect with a larger than life personality ... Google him - some great reading

The linked article is from the scientific american Scientific Magazine - and can you imagine the amount of roundup weedkiller thats been sold world wide !!!! So if it can do that to human cells what has it done to our soil structures !!! Our horticultural famland soils are dead from these chemicals .....


Meanwhile, back at the ranch

The last 2 days of work turned out OK …Monday I was taken out to a very pretentious restaurant by our main vendor.. They gave me a present (!!!) of garden centre gift vouchers and a signed leaving card from all the vendor team on the Ministry account … I was quite taken aback by it :O)

Then in the afternoon I had the ministry IT team leaving drinks and nibbles with a nice speech from the Chief technology officer (my manager)…I had to laugh when he said one of the lasting memories of my time working with him was my openness and that whenever he gave a direction that I disagreed with I would take him aside and tell him direct !! :O) I told him it rarely changed anything :O )

Yesterday I had our fortnightly breakfast with the Vendors. They ordered glasses of bucks fizz for everyone :O)

I Then did the rounds saying good bye to the wider team members .. then lunch with my team (Indian banquet) … That got all emotional !! They did a little speech each as to why they were grateful to me and that they only worked at the Ministry because of me :o\ The girls cried !!! I told them to lighten it up a bit before I started as well …. It was all very nice and from the heart … but a little uncomfortable for me … They had even written it all down in the leaving card !! ... Bless em ...

And that was the end of my time at that Ministry - Ever... So now firmly focussed on the now and future :O)

Anyway – today I’m not doing much .. but feeling like I’ve taken a sick day when feeling fine ……

Photos from my archives

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Kay said...

Great potos(as always) esp. the horse! - maybe photography can be part of your new work?