Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Weka

Weka, O Weka, O little brown Weka,
Why do they hate you, and cry on your name?
They tell me you’re sly and you swoop without warning,
Your wings have no flight, and your beak, has no shame.

You’re gay as a gossip and vain as a man–child,
You snatch at a bright thing and bear it away.
You sing with your mate when all good birds are silent,
You’re gallant by night and your’re sidelong by day.

But its my pity your footprints grow rarer;
Little brown mischief, don’t slip from our sight.
Wicked and sweet are your eyes in the twilight,
Wistful and wild is your cry in the night.

— Eileen Duggan

E hia motunga o te Weka i te mahanga?

How often does the Weka escape from the snare?






chiefbiscuit said...

Eileen Duggan is an oft overlooked NZ poet of old - well done for the weka poem of her's - I'm SO impressed you've included poetry! And what a great photo. I saw wekas on Ulva Island, when I went to Stewart Island - they're so cheeky!

Jan said...

Superb photographs here..
And nice to meet a NZ poetess ( as well as Chief B, of course!)