Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Yellow Hammer in our Garden

Well its like this …..

Get back home from dropping Jill off at the train station and walking daft dog. I wanted the car today.

Pigeon taking advantage of my feeding the wild birds

Get ready to go out again …Can’t find the keys ….. Looking looking looking … Take the spare ones as I know the keys are in the house somewhere…

Head for lower hutt … That mongrel mob gang were out at that house in taita patches galore, smoking by the footpath.. Kids walking past going to school ……..Sheesh ... (there have been police raids and eviction attempts on them unsuccessfully as yet)…

Get to Pack and Save (Supermarket) and am just looking at the veggie seedlings they sell, when it suddenly dawns on me that the keys are probably still in the door …. Couldn’t leave it so drove straight back to the house …. Yep – Keys in the door still :O\

Never mind thinks me I’ll head up to Upper Hutt and drop in on Mitre 10 (Hardware store) to get some staples (tie up the honey suckle) and a stiff floor brush (to clean the decking and its sides) …… Lost in my own thoughts, end up at Oderings (Garden Centre)!! No joke - Car just took me there!!! ….

All good, thinks me – will get some more seed spuds …. Now can anyone remember what I bought last time ??? Cause I flipping can’t and have dumped the bag they were in … Anyway have bought jersey bennies I think …… which are fine for the dustbins etc :O)

Oh – they were also selling elderberry bushes – So we have two of them now to plant somewhere..(Hmmmm Elderberry/flower wine!!!)

Finally get to Mitre 10 and looking for staples (Got them) and String (got that as well ) Forgot all about the brush !!!!!!!!! :O(

Go to Stokes Valley(township where I live) for a couple of days food (forgot about going to the upper hutt Pack and Save…) Effin Q a mile long …

“Not usually this busy” the girl tells me…

”Just every time I’m here” I tell her ……

HAD some nasty old woman pushing me constantly when I’m queing up …. Most aghast she was when I turned to her and said “Stop It, NOW” to her …she stopped it though …..

I’m not shopping in the daytime anymore unless Jill is with me to hold my hand. :O(

Neighbours cat... Sunning herself on the neighbours roof... Also wishing she was having pigeon or yellow hammer for lunch :O)

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Bob said...

I was worried when I got to the end and saw the cat and no bird! What sort of car do you have that takes you straight to garden centres? I want one! Bob.