Friday, March 26, 2010

The Holiday Writeup - Ellerslie Garden Show ..

This was the Kiwi/Japanese garden at the Ellerslie Flower Show ...I didn't like it when I was there but have warmed to it now ... 

This garden was greated by the "incredible edibles" fruit plant company in NZ ... Strawberries on top of the pergola, fejoa trees, blue berry bushes grape vine , and so on ........  

Not sure who did this one ... But of interest was the fir trees ontop of the wall

They were planted in buckets that help a (car) wheel mechansim that allowed them to turn in the wind ...>Effectively making them weather vanes ...... Not sure then why they were in different directions :O)  

I liked this one ...Think I could have this in our garden ... especially the lielows :O) 

The tidiest veggie gardens :O) Onions were a bit on the small side !! :O}


keewee said...

Never fails to amaze me the ideas people come up with.

Ann said...

Those patterns on the white sand, I wonder if any one got tempted to add their own art to it.

How long were you in Christchurch?