Saturday, June 13, 2009

Winter Weather and CV Writing. Plus the Rest

The New zeland Winter

We’ve hit a few cold spells … It’s an early winter for us in New Zealand this year. The weekend before last a freezing cold squally southerly front past through carrying with it snow and hail that actually stayed with us on the ground for some time …. At one point thick enough for McD and me to make a rough snowman of about 12 inches high on the decking…


This is the first time I’ve done this in the almost 20 years of living in New Zealand… I do not want to be making a habit of it …. 

Then in true Kiwi weather fashion It reached 18.8C in my township and my garden in the week.... No wonder the plants and birds get so confused .....

I’ve been telling McD that we need to move North …Much further north…To a much warmer climate … My poor old feet, ankles and knuckles do not like cold weather ……


I like the idea of moving to somewhere like Perth in Austalia ….. Not sure if it’s possible … But worth look at me thinks ….. Not sure if McD agrees or not ….


The Job – Or Lack of it


Meanwhile, I’d been working on a counter proposal to the so called IT review … While we got some positions re-instated mine wasn’t one for them … My notice of redundancy will be on July 1 with one months notice.. I’ve spoken with the senior management and they have agreed to let me go at that point and pay me off the 4 weeks notice … So I’m a house husband from July 1 onwards … A kept man !!!!!! I’ve always told McD that when she earns my salary I would do this and now against her will of course … It’s now happened…   Of course That also means I get to keep a tidy house (for once) and cook warming homely meals for the workers’ return each evening ….. A house husbands work is never done ....:O)


But I feel like I need something else !!! So might have to start a home study course as well ….I don’t do staying at home well …And certainly don't do "Nothing" well…  


So - Gardening leave soon …And God knows it needs it!  We started on the front yard last week …what a mess …Embarrassing really but we will get it sorted pretty quickly …Spent a while moving ½ wine barrels full of soil and plants ..(my poor back !!) The idea being to have square foot gardens between them along the fence ..Not necessarily for vegetables … The wine barrels have fruit trees in them or will soon …….




The Plight of the Bees


I’ve read a lot of items online about the decline of the bumble bee in particular but bees in general … Especially over in the UK… They will keep using these damned sprays ……I intend to make some Bee Homes around the garden … It would be of mutual benefit ..the bees get lodgings and I get my Broad Beans etc pollinated


If you want to do the same …>And why would you not !!?? …. Then here is how by the Beeb




Interesting Food Programme


We have two local chefs who run a restaurant in Wellington called Logan&Brown .. They also have a great TV series called Hunger for the Wild. It’s not on at the moment but I did a search for some of their recipes and came across some stuff….


I like the intro music…..




If you want to see a bit of the programme

Man I love Crayfish :O)


Garden Ponds


Back on the garden aspects … Another thing all gardens should have is a pond …. Insects and birds and a whole lot of other garden inhabitants require access to the water … and A garden just doesn’t seen the same without having water in it … We have yet to have a pond or two ….Looks like I’ll have some time to put one in soon …


Again – help from the BBC

BBC Breathing Spaces - Ponds

Ok - Enough of this ...Have a CV and Cover letter to complete and a Job to apply for .... Wish me luck :O) 


vuejardin said...

It is 95 degree here in US, what a difference! Is your Christmas cactus always blooms during winter?

McDinzie said...

There be no time for you to be building bee homes or ponds...get down on your knees man and scrub my floors!!!!

Now get on with applying for that job...I can see you...your not on that job site!!!

come on get on with it

get a move on

hurry up/.....

dinzie said...

Hi vuejardin

I can't reply to you directly ...Yes our xmas cacti fowers every June, but also flowers around December


Kay said...

Gawsh that McD's a bossy hussy isn't she?!
Good luck with job hunting - new opportunities, fresh fields ... I'm sure new beginnings are afoot.

Ann said...

Don't you feel young again playing with snow? We haven't got that in Auckland.

How's you back?

Good luck for the job hunting.

No, don't go to perth. it is too hot and dry. You won't get to do any gardening. Come to Auckland, not so cold here.

keewee said...

Yes, good luck with the job hunting.
Perhaps now that you have an early winter, then the weather will be nice and warm when I get there in November.