Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Time For A Holiday!!

We're planning a short holiday for the end of July. With all the crap I've been going through and all the hard work and long days McD has been put through this year it's time to get away and relax. 

So McD has been feverishly looking at options ....Because of course when I say we are planning ...It is teh royal 'we' and McD is spending hours each night playing around with the options ... She should have been a professional holiday planner should McD

Originally we were looking at Vanuatu and then Raratonga but the costs were too high for what we would get from it ...So we've decided on ausdtralia again , but this time further up the north east coast. Flying to brisbane and the  gold coast ..

McD wants to visit the theme park(s) there and also the casino (!!)...Then we take a 2 day drive up to Cairns  and Port Douglas. McD is looking at staying at a spa hotel beside the river there about 20 mins from Port Douglas .... Sounds awesome :O) HEAPS of wildlife so better clean up the camera :O)  

Hotel Spa where we will be staying

Of course it wouldn't be without it'sdangerous wildlife ... Like the Cassowary !!!!!


But whats a little danger when on holiday !!! 

Along with the crocs, and Snakes, and spiders, and jelly fish , and poisonous octopuss, and cane toads, and sharks and the rest of it  



Kay said...

It looks like a splendid (if a little dangerous!) holiday is being planned - and we will get the benefit of all those photos when you get back. I am happy for you both - I presume McD's booking for two! :)

Hazel said...

I wonder if you've read Bill Bryson's 'Down Under'? Part travelogue, part Austrailian history - a very entertaining read.

Ann said...

tackosesYour back feeling better? You will love it in the Goldcoast after the cold here. I have 4 siblings there, and I always love it going during our winter.

re Trelise cooper, i don't want to be associated with designers when I am an environmentalist. I prefer using the 99 cts green bag. Ny the way, do you have Foodtown in Wellington?

I wish you a great holiday, just don't have a punching match with a kangaroo or go on the cyclone in Dream world. My son, then 10 loved it, I didn't go.


Ann :)