Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun With Pumpkins





McD won’t let me build a large pumpkin bed in the front yard.............:O|


I’m in a sulk :O( A Kid – Yes a 16 year old kid has grown a monster pumpkin in Christchurch....Close if not breaking the New Zealand Record ....




I just want a decent sized Pumpkin Patch .....  :O\


No where else to plonk the thing but the front yard as its the sunniest spot in our garden ....


  You can tell McD what a meanie she is here ...........Or of course you may agree with McD that the front yard is no place for giant pumpkin growing......


Sod it – We’ll have to move house .....

Meanwhile we harvested the smallest of the two pumpkins we grew .. The variety is not the world breaking variety called “Atlantic Giant” but a variety called “First Prize”...Supposed to be big enough though .... Bigger than our  “marbles” anyway .


But will it make pumpkin soup for us ?? Or will it be too fibrous .... Might just give it a go anyway ...It’s destined for the compost pile soon ..


After we’ve stopped playing with it of course :O)



The reason why McD isn't a fan of large pumpkins !!!


McDinzie said...

you try to kill me with a pumpkin and think I will let you grow a bigger one......I dont think so

you are obsessed by pumpkins...I bet you even dream about them

NO pumpkin in the front yard do you think we would get the car in and out????

dinzie said...

So thats still a no then ??/



Kay said...

That is too funny! I'm with you McD - but then blood is thicker than pumpkin juice!

keewee said...

Hmmm! I will be diplomatic, and stay out of the pumpkin discussion. *chuckle*

Hazel said...

That's an impressive pumpkin!

I can see the practical difficulties with the pumpkin in the front yard - but you'd only be without use of the car for about 3 months...? Tee hee! ;)

Ann said...

Hi dinzie,

I meant to ask you about your pumkin, and when news of that 16 year old with his electric blanket and polishing his giant pumpkin, I thought of you.

Pumpkin growing is infectious. Our two, though technically belong to Sam, are nurtured by me, the second one is now the same size of the first, about 8 inches.

We don't eat pumpkins, I think I will take it to school to show the kids. Wonder how big they will grow to be.

McDinzie, can you park the car on the road, please, so that Dinzie can fulfil his dreams? To be beaten by a 16 year old. Though, I suspect may be his mum or dad had given it a lot of TLC. LOL

The way you 2 communicate, my husband & I often email. LOl