Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas at the Dinzie Household

We’ve been up for a while ….Had breakfast and then a bleary eyed Stepdaughter dished out the prezzies from underneath a decorated NZ native tree in a pot

It’s a warm and humid day today. Not hot though. We’ve had rain the past couple of days ..Today is patchy with cloud and wind and a real chance of a shower at somepoint But we could have had a BBQ Christmas lunch…But no – we went for the traditional (but not in NZ) Turkey roast

But this year we have a veggie garden !! McD took Stepdaughter up there this morning to pick another bowl full of rather large strawberries ..And a basket full of Broad beans, garlic and Egyptian onions. Now that’s the thing to do on Christmas day….. .We also emptied a dustbin of Jersey bene potato plants ..Not a huge crop but enough for twice the number of us…

I cooked the broad beans with the sliced onion and awesomly tasting fresh chopped green garlic … Yum That with a few other veggies and an over sized turkey and Christmas lunch/dinner was made …. Stepdaughter, not being a vegie fan had some of our lettuce and baby red, white and orange carrots as a salad… So all were happy and in true family tradition went back to our comfy chairs and dozed off…. Where the others still are …..

Yesterday, Christmas eve was hell….Up early to take McD to work (poor thing ) and then off to the mall with Stepdaughter for her to do her shopping and me to find McD the sold out everywhere PS3 game she wanted …But not before Stepdaughter made it clear Breakfast was wanted and Oh no not the mall and Oh well not café’s we hadn’t tried before….So I drove out a little further to a café we had all been to previously and for breakfast she ordered bacon pasta of all things ……..

I even bought the M-in-L a small prezzie …A mug with a cartoon on it of a lawn bowls match with a white haired old gal streaking across the green with a zimmer frame :O) But she had to go that much further…..Prezzies sent ahead of her arrival tomorrow, mine was a small soft parcel that when opened turned out to be a pair of light blue womens frilly knickers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much to McDs and Stepdaughters amuzement ……..

“what have you been telling her?!?!” I asked McD McD was too busy taking photo’s

“They wouldn’t go past my knees” I said to more mirth as McD is now phoning beloved M-in-L….

“Blue !!! I thought they were Pink!!!!” M-in-L informs McD over the phone ….

“She wants a picture of you wearing them!!” McD snorts as she’s putting down the phone !!!!!! And there you go ….Christmas day in the Dinzie household :O)

Merry Christmas Everyone :O)

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Kay said...

WHAT????!!!!!! That mother of mine ... Christmas Dinner sounded sublime (even idyllic.)
What? No photos?