Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bali Memories

No sooner is the Xmas/new year break over than we have a regional public holiday - Wellington Anniverary day.. So the rest of the country is working while we lounge around deciding what to do for the day ...




Bali, rice field

I took quite a few pictures of the Bali rice fields. As we travelled through one area we were stopped by a villiage toll booth wanting money for the privelage of seeing them ... On that one ocasion we agreed. Too many of these areas are now disappearing




Bali, Sanur, Beach, Sunrise, Sunset

We often rose early in the morning to capture the sunrise..It was cool enough to walk for a distance along the beach and take in the sights Mid-morning we'd be at a beach side cafe sipping coffee and cold drinks .






This was at Sunur Beach. One morning we were surprised to find a crowd of school children all waiting for the sunrise ..Then in a single movement they all left for their classrooms





Bali, Sanur, Beach, Sunrise, Sunset,Fisherman, fishing

This fisherman and a couple of others were in the sea up to waist deep in the water hoping to hook breakfast .




Bali, Sanur, Beach, Sunrise, Sunset,boats

Beach boats waiting for the tourists to venture out. We never sailed in the ...Wish we had now





Every evening/morning the sands would be cleaned and raked. The trees provided welcome shelter from the midday sun.




Bali, Shop, Dog

Dogs were everywhere in Bali..All shapes sizes and colours. While moves had been underway to exterminate significant numbers many still survived. Some even well looked after ....





The "Ma and Pa" Beachside stall... Many of them slept beside their stalls at night .. It would have been nice with the sea air and soundsof the waves on the sand...




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Those pics are good enough to be in a travel magazine.