Saturday, June 01, 2013

Too Warm For Winter

 Strange Autumn/winter we are having .... temperatures all over the place  ...2 or 3 degrees C one day 16C the next .... Rain, sun, hail, ..Snow on the hills ...Sunny, windy, its all over the show ...

No Sir - I dont like it

Well, To be honest it suites me and the forecast is for a warmer than normal winter ... but the fluctuations and warmer weather have played havoc with my winter veggies ... Brocolli  and cauliflower are suffering having had too fast a growth spurt and then been hit with the cold .... all taken its toll on them ..

That said the Kale and Calvo Nero seems to be coping fine .....If the broco and Caulis done recover I'll pull them and get ready for some conehead spring cabbages ..They are faster maturing and will see us through early spring


Meanwhile the always faithful broad beans are up and growing well ..Silver beet/chard and after a while of sulking even the spinach is growing just fine

Meanwhile - we are still waiting for the Chooks to start laying eggs ...Shortest day in 3 weeks ... and then I reckon a month after that ...... They will be the most expensive eggs in New Zealand .....

meanwhile I'm worried about the effect its having on McD !!! Aided by my Big sister!! Who is also a worry :O)  


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