Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Holiday write-up (6) Still at Tekapo

That evening having eaten fish and chips from the local township (very nice  but a very unhealthy food day) We set off for a walk along the lake side. ....It has become a common thing for people to leave 'rock sculptures' beside roads and anywhere really where there are pebbles ... At least they are easily knocked down I guess .... I believe these sort of things originate from places like Nepal etc ..... 


McD leaves me to join the bus load of Japanese tourists ... All very friendly all said hello 


Ann said...

some of the stone sculptures are incredible. Too bad some one will come and knock them over.

How long is your holiday?

Ivy and Haley said...

Those pictures are amazing. I can't believe how vivid those colors are. I got to stop in New Zealand briefly when I was on my way to Antarctica, but I would LOVE to go back.

Come visit me.


Jan said...

Feel GREAT after viewing these brilliant photos!!