Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Face To The Name

Finally - An out of the blue contact by a distant cousin who shares Alexander as her Great Grandfather and I was very kindly sent a copy of his picture

Alexander D -  Married Maria C. Together for 60 years before Maria passed away

                                         Inscription on gravestone of MAria

                                                In loving memory of Maria The dearly beloved wife of Alexander Dingle

                                              Who  peacefully  entered into rest December 27th 1917

                                                         "With Christ which is far better,  goodnight beloved not farewell

They had 15 Children - my grandfather was number 12 ..

Alexanders first job was as a servant in a large famhouse. He soon became a gamekeeper as was his father (Also Alex) and as would my grandfather and a number of his sons and for a time my father.

He died in 1931 and the grand old age of 87.... They had lived in an old fashioned jacobean 5 roomed cottage beside a church in the middle of nowhere ... I've been there to see it many years ago with my father ...

Both are buried at the church beside the pathway ...along with many others of the family ...

Alexander D - 1843-1931 ... What changes you must have seen




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